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Zippy Event Solutions was founded with an aim to transform the way people run events.

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We are passionate about helping our customers get their guests through the door faster.

Capture all the necessary attendee data, update guest lists and profiles, print customizable badges and synchronizing event registration data in real time.

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Good Design

Onsite Registration & Badge Printing

Automatically print customizable badges onsite when your guests check in. We use these badges to enhance security through our wearable badge technology. All the badges printed are paired with unique QR codes. This in turn enhances access control and track session attendance. This also eases gathering of event ROI by using the reconciled attendance data and sync to your CRM platforms.


Session Management & Check In

Track event, session and breakout attendance. Our systems help you check-in only the authorized attendees to attend a particular session or workshop. With multi-day events and varying sessions, our system helps you keep track of your event and session attendee behavior. Check-In attendee movement by scanning badge QR codes


Self Service Check in

Say goodbye to long queues. Expedite onsite registration and check-in by allowing event attendees complete registration on their own onsite on a self service kiosk. This functionality is available both online and offline making it usable even in areas that has slow or no internet connection. The kiosk can be customized with the event/sponsor branding increasing your event marketing ROI.


Real-time Reporting & Analytics

Understand your event performance at any point of your event. Real-time reports let you quickly assess event performance and evaluate the progress towards your set goals. These reports will also show you an overview of popular sessions for better planning in the future. Data collected can be synchronized with third party CRM platforms for marketing automation.